TIFF Tools

TIFFtools is a set of C++ bindings for libtiff along with some utilities that expand on the programs packaged with libtiff.


C++ Bindings

The tiffmesh CVS code currently contains a C++ class to encapsulate the functionality of libtiff.

Perl Bindings

These currently have not been developed, but it should not be too difficult with SWIG and the C++ bindings.



tiffmesh is a utility to mesh together two TIFF files containing odd and even pages into one big TIFF file. This might sound like an odd utility, but if you have ever used a scanner to scan in text from double-sided pages you should understand its purpose.

Project Pages on SourceForge

The project is hosted on sourceforge.net. Click here to go to the project page


John R. Supplee
Supplee Technologies
New Tripoli, PA


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